Perfect solution for bussiness

WHOM WILL IT SUIT? It suits for business where you need modern functionality, fast content management and attractive appearance. The presence of an e-commerce plug-in will allow you to accept applications for services or for sales of goods online. Leading a personal blog, gallery or news feed became even easier! Flexible content management will allow you to display up-to-date information about the company or products, keep your customers informed of the latest developments.


Design, alignment and launch of the website. Web page layout - up to 20 pages.

Selection and installation of plug-ins that expand the capabilities of the website and make content management more convenient. Due to a caring design, it is easier for potential customers to perceive information. If necessary, more than 20 pages can be made. Preparation for SEO.

Individual approach to website design.

Design includes the graphic design of the top, body and cover of the website and the footer (cellar). The appearance of the website receives special attention. Mostly, the customer chooses goods or services on the websites which have an impeccable look.

Basic online store availability.

E-commerce plug-ins installation and their set up. Shopping in online stores is common for a modern buyer and this process should be automated. The price does not include the design of cards of goods. One product card can be regarded as a single page layout.

Adaptive design (support for mobile devices)

Website development includes design set up for mobile devices. Mobile traffic of some websites exceeds 50%. Also, mobile version raises the loyalty of search engines. Today adaptive design is no longer an option, but is a minimum necessity.

Domain name for 1 year.

You can choose from domains in the following zones:,,,, The registration period – 1 year, after the end, extension is required.

Hosting 1000 MB for 1 year.

1000 MB is enough for storing all the necessary content (images, archives with documents or small programs, except for videos and audio recordings). A huge number of services are now available for storing media.

Multiple email addresses in the domain zone.

5 email addresses are provided in the domain zone of the website (*** The total size of mailboxes is limited by the quota of hosting. It is possible to forward to other mail services.

IF YOU NEED MORE. Sometimes it happens that you need a little more than the service provides. Functionality or the number of pages can always be increased.


Additional page layout

from 13 $ per page

Online store installation

from 70 $ for the service

Adding one product card

from 1 $ for position

WEB developer services

15 $ per hour

Additional hosting

2.3 $ for 10 mb / year

Domain names registration

From 12 $ com \ \


Set up advertising in Google AdWords, Yandex Direct

from 30 $ for the campaign

Animation banner

from 30 $ for 1 unique banner

Development of an additional format of banner

from $ 5.5 for 1 format


Illustrator services

15 $ per hour

Copywriter services

from 9 $ for 1,000 characters

Content manager services

5.5$ per hour



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